10 Common Health Indicators Tracked by Professional Athletes | News


When the NBA resumed its season after the pandemic shutdowns, it gave many of his players smart rings that measured health metrics, including body temperature, which came in handy for monitoring the spread of COVID-19. But professional sports leagues like the NBA became interested in tracking health metrics to monitor and improve sports performance long before the pandemic. It has become so popular that amateur athletes and weekend warriors have also embraced the health monitoring trend, with an increasing number of devices capable of providing accurate information about their health.

Elite athletes are especially urged to track health metrics to keep them in top shape and are turning to a new class of smart devices and wearables to monitor everything from sleep quality to heart rate variability. cardiac. The results can be used in different ways. Some measure an athlete’s performance while they train and can tell them if they are really pushing themselves hard enough. Others, like blood sugar and thyroid hormone levels, are more important to monitor constantly, as athletes need to have optimal levels of both to ensure their best performance. Athletes also use devices that track specific metrics for their sport, such as stroke rate for swimmers and output power for cyclists, which can be essential for training and training.

Guava Health compiled a list of health metrics professional athletes measure and broke down what they reveal about overall health and athletic performance. Keep reading to see how many elite athletes can track to optimize their peak performance.


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