100Plus Enables Sweetwater Medical Associates to Improve Patient Compliance and Health Metrics with AI-Assisted Remote Patient Monitoring


RPM solution helps monitor, measure and support at-risk populations in the home to improve access to care, achieve better outcomes and reduce costs

BALA CYNWYD, Pa., September 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — 100Plus, a Connect America company and remote patient monitoring (RPM) platform for clinicians and patients, today announced that Sweetwater Medical Associates has improved patient adherence and metrics clinical healthcare through its artificial intelligence (AI)-assisted RPM platform. Using the platform, medical practice has seen statistically significant improvements in patient health parameters over 180 days, including an average reduction in blood pressure for patients with hypertension of 5.80 mmHg and for patients with obesity, an average weight loss of 3.45 pounds.

Sweetwater Medical Associates is a medical facility dedicated to family medicine and internal medicine in Sugar Land, Texas. After a thorough evaluation of competing RPM vendors, Pure water chose the 100Plus solution for its ease of use, cost effectiveness and excellent customer support.

In addition to Pure water Benefiting from these improvements in patient health metrics, the medical facility also sees reduced administrative burdens for providers and staff. For example, previously obtaining physiological data about patients, such as blood pressure readings, required patients to meet with providers for in-office or remote visits. Now patients can take readings on their own – at home – via the 100plus AI-assisted platform and the results are automatically shared with their provider.

“As a busy family medicine practice with time-strapped providers and staff, we often found it difficult to monitor our at-risk patients for signs of impending problems,” said Eric Navarette, Chief of Staff at Sweetwater Medical Associates. “100Plus’ AI-powered solution has helped us significantly improve our ability to monitor patients, leading to better outcomes and reduced administrative burden for providers and staff.”

“We understand the high value of provider and staff time, and the heavy toll unnecessary calls and emails take on medical practices,” said Janet Dillon, CEO of Connect America. “The 100Plus RPM platform provides a 24-hour virtual assistant that enables practices to overcome these barriers by monitoring and analyzing patient behaviors and connecting with them outside of traditional clinical settings. We are pleased Pure water has seen remarkable improvements in patient health metrics using the 100plus platform, in addition to easing the burden on staff. »

The 100Plus RPM platform uses AI to help medical practices with patient education, device setup, enrollment, engagement, and training, ensuring patients test themselves regularly and stay compliant. The platform includes an AI-powered, text-based chatbot that helps practices scale RPM programs faster and better educate patients on the value of RPM. With AI awareness, practices are practicing more than double the adoption rates of RPM among patients.

About 100Plus

100Plus, one connect america company, is the AI-assisted leader remote patient monitoring platform (RPM) which allows healthcare providers to remotely monitor and manage the health status of their patients. Our comprehensive end-to-end solution enables practices to quickly implement a successful RPM program, including comprehensive service monitoring, eligibility, enrollment, device configuration and delivery, and top-of-the-line service. range. With actionable insights that help clinicians identify and treat at-risk patients faster and an AI-enabled virtual healthcare assistant that supports patient compliance, the result is better compliance, fewer hospitalizations and better health outcomes. To learn more, visit www.100plus.com.

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