$ 200 Million Truveta Health Data Platform Launch, Breakthrough COVID Infections Insights


Truveta, a startup that aggregates and analyzes patient data for drug research and development, launched its platform on Tuesday with $ 200 million in funding and new research into groundbreaking COVID-19 infections.

Founded earlier this year, the company is backed by 20 healthcare systems, including big names like Tenet Health, Providence and CommonSpirit Health, accounting for more than 16% of patient care in the United States.

The Seattle-based startup collects and sells data from its vendor groups, with the information standardized and anonymized to protect patient privacy and safety.

The startup had already landed $ 95 million in its Series A funding round in July. When it launched on Tuesday, the company said its total funding was $ 200 million.

Truveta uses machine learning to structure clinical data into an FHIR model for faster insight, and the platform is updated daily with new data.

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The company has also released information from COVID-19 data collected from partner health systems. Due to the siled nature of clinical data in the United States, many decisions made to manage the COVID-19 pandemic have relied on data from other countries which may not reflect the diverse population of the country, a said Terry Myerson, CEO of Truveta and former Microsoft executive.

“With the moral imperative to fill this important gap, Truveta was born out of innovative health systems that came together to provide an unprecedented national dataset for health in the United States,” he said in a communicated. declaration. “Now, Truveta is sharing the first COVID-19 information in the United States using real-time data, which is a big step forward in realizing our vision of saving lives through data. “

An analysis of 1.7 million fully vaccinated patients on Truveta’s platform showed that vaccinated people with diabetes, chronic lung disease or chronic kidney disease or who are immunocompromised are almost twice as likely to be hospitalized with major COVID-19 infections than the general vaccinated population.

The startup also found that 9% of patients vaccinated by Pfizer and 15% of patients vaccinated by Johnson & Johnson who have peak COVID-19 infections are hospitalized.

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However, adverse events occur in less than 1% of fully vaccinated patients, according to the results, meaning that the risk of serious illness from COVID-19 in a vaccinated person is well below 1%.

“In just under two weeks, our team was able to ask and answer important medical questions using one of the largest comprehensive real-time data sets of fully vaccinated Americans,” said Nick Stucky, MD, Ph.D., director of clinical research at Truveta and an infectious disease physician at Providence Portland Medical Center. “I am energized by the opportunity that the Truveta platform can offer physicians like me and clinical researchers around the world to discover solutions to health problems at new levels of speed and precision. We invite other researchers to join us in exploring and deepening this knowledge. “

Truveta plans to continue expanding its platform in the coming months. The startup announced a partnership with Microsoft in September to use its Azure cloud for Truveta’s clinical data platform.

Microsoft has also invested an undisclosed amount in the startup.

The tech giant, along with other big tech players like Google and Amazon Web Services, has continued its push in healthcare with this partnership and other strategic initiatives to deliver cloud computing technology and data storage to hospitals and health systems.


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