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Advanced Human Imaging concludes Formal
with Vertica Health

Advanced Human Imaging Ltd (ASX, NASDAQ: AHI) is pleased to inform shareholders of the conclusion of the Master Services Agreement (“MSA” or “Agreement”) with the South Africa-based digital health platform VERTICA Pty Ltd (“vertical“).

The parties have signed the AHI MSA Standard which includes the legal and contractual terms in which AHI agrees to grant Vertica the right to use AHI’s licensed Software Development Kits (SDKs) for IOS and Android platforms. for body circumference measurements, facial scanning measurements and related intellectual measurements. property once integrated into the Vertica application/platform.

The MSA incorporates the following information and guidelines: business commitments, software development kit, end user license, technology support, data processing agreement, fee schedule, and professional services, including implementation support and training, which must be provided by AHI as part of the agreement with Vertica.

The initial term of the MSA is one year from commencement and will automatically extend for subsequent consecutive terms, each of a duration equivalent to the initial term. Early termination procedures are included for each party to the MSA.

The financial impact of this MSA on AHI cannot currently be quantified and there are no minimum order requirements contained in the agreement.

About Vertica Health

Vertica is a digital health company that creates innovative health risk solutions for downstream customers. The team includes highly specialized and experienced scientists in medicine and engineering. Vertica has targeted the insurance and workplace safety markets and has recently expanded to retail insurers, medical aids, global reinsurers and the mining industry. The company is in advanced stages with a number of these organizations to integrate the Vertica solution and market-ready designs with target launches in the second half of 2022 and into 2023. Vertica expects to complete the integration of the AHI CompleteScan SDK by the start of Q2. 2022 in their suite of solutions.

Vertica offers three exciting health risk solutions that align with AHI’s technology:

Tired: Vertica uses nighttime heart rate and accelerometer data to predict a user’s sleepiness. The accuracy of this prediction is improved by cross-referencing with relevant peer-reviewed research. Using mathematical modeling, this technology can predict neurobehavioral deficits such as impaired motor skills and memory, critically important in fields such as aviation and medical surgery. The models were trained and validated using data on sleep deprivation, sleep restriction, simulated night work, napping, and recovery sleep. Combined with data from AHI’s CompleteScan technology, it is possible to reduce the long-term health effects of sleep deprivation, including the long-term increased risk of hypertension, diabetes, obesity, depression, heart attack and stroke.

Management of health risks: Vertica uses information from AHI’s vital signs capture, including heart rate and heart rate variability measurements as well as data from AHI’s BodyScan to predict several health risks, including Syndrome metabolic disease, cardiovascular and metabolic disease, depression and generalized anxiety disorder. Vertica bolsters these predictions by cross-referencing this information with peer-reviewed articles that study common blood biomarkers, blood pressure, fitness levels, anthropometry, insulin resistance, and visceral fat.

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ASX announcement

thursday 7and April 2022

By combining these sources of information, Vertica has developed a risk model that predicts total cholesterol, HDL-c cholesterol, LDL-c cholesterol, triglycerides and C-reactive protein (a marker of inflammation). Additionally, this model can also estimate cardiorespiratory fitness, visceral adiposity index, lipid accumulation product (which uses waist circumference in the prediction model), cardiovascular disease mortality risk in 10 years and brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity (often used to estimate arterial stiffness, cardiovascular problems and other metabolic syndromes).

Orthopedic recovery: Vertica uses the smartphone’s accelerometer and gyroscope to measure joint mobility which can be used, for example, to measure a knee’s ability to extend and flex after orthopedic surgery. Vertica also automated a two-minute walk test to further assess mobility. Both are important to ensure prompt intervention to detect problems during recovery, including the swelling effects of infection. Vertica and AHI will seek to expand this risk assessment and screening tool once AHI’s Musculoskeletal Assessment Tool (MSK) is developed.

For more information about Vertica Health, please visit:

*This announcement has been approved by the board of Advanced Human Imaging Limited.

About Advanced Human Imaging:

AHI has developed and patented proprietary sizing technology that allows our partners and their users to privately and accurately check, track and assess their vital signs and dimensions using only a smartphone.

Our goal is to help our partners by giving their consumers this capability. This in turn gives our partners the ability to assess, assist and communicate results with their consumers as they navigate everyday life and the ongoing fight against chronic disease, which accounts for 86% global health care costs.

Whether it’s a personal journey to better health, understanding the risks associated with fitness, tracking the changes they experience through training, diets or medical diets, or simply from the desire to be properly sized for a garment when shopping online. AHI technology provides this transparently, privately and cost-effectively in just minutes.

Our partner benefits from our software as a service pricing solution, which decreases with scale. Integration is facilitated by the modular AHI system, based on several software development kits (SDKs), allowing a partner to select functions, measurements and displays according to their individual needs.

AHI has developed this capability by leveraging the power of computer vision, machine learning and proprietary algorithms, to process these images on a secure, enterprise-grade infrastructure, delivering an end-to-end experience. unmatched in the industry. AHI simplifies measurement collection and eliminates the human error present in traditional methods.

The link below is a brief video showcasing our current offering and will help you understand our value proposition. CompleteScan – The Future of Health Assessments

For more information contact:

Dr. Katherine Iscoe

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For more information, please visit:

Advanced Human Imaging Ltd

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Postal address: PO Box 190, South Perth WA 6951

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