Bryan Cush on Using Health Data for Content and Search Marketing


Bryan Cush, the co-founder of Tidal Health Group, a healthcare marketing company, stopped by my office to discuss SEO and healthcare marketing. Bryan is quite technical and is able to bridge that with his deep understanding of medicine and health, marketing and site development – I think that’s a beautiful thing. They mainly work on patient acquisition and empowerment of their clients. We dug a bit into that and how he works with his clients.

Challenges in using health data for content:

We briefly touched on the delicate aspects of using your internal health data and customer health data for content marketing purposes. Bryan explained that he shares an office with a lawyer and has tons of reassurance due to the sensitivity of this data. He shared a few stories of how he used some of his customer’s data to map keyword data around technical terms versus what consumers are typing to search for that technical term. It is therefore essential to map your data for marketing purposes. This may be more important in the health field than in other sectors.

Did you know Google used MUM for a similar purpose, to identify and map around 800 different variations of COVID vaccine names. Bryan said they don’t necessarily use AI or machine learning for this, but rather a simple structured taxonomy where you map data over time. He said you can use this method over and over again no matter who the customer is.

You can read more about Bryan Cush at Tidal Health Group.

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