CDC NERD Academy activity demo for educators: Where does public health data come from? | Covid-19


This instructional video guides educators through the activities in Module 4: Where Does Public Health Data Come From? The video provides a brief explanation of what students will learn in this module, including how public health experts conduct disease surveillance, collect and analyze public health data, create case definitions, and display their data results . The video walks educators through organizing their classroom, grouping students, and preparing materials for student participation in the learning activity. The video guides educators through the steps of the learning activity in which students use fictional surveillance data to create graphs and maps, identify patterns, and draw conclusions about the spread of the fictional disease. This video provides a suggested schedule for the activity, tips for encouraging class participation and discussion, and tips for success. This is Module 4 of an 8-module series from the CDC NERD Academy curriculum: Educating and Inspiring Young People to Explore Public Health, available at

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