First analytics platform integrating patient-generated health data

  • Unique real-world data platform integrating proprietary, regulatory-grade and patient-generated health data

  • Permea translates previously inaccessible data into knowledge to deliver new medical and scientific insights to stakeholders across the healthcare value chain

  • Permea addresses the potential of the $57 billion real-world evidence market with two new collaboration models: Permea Insights and Permea monitor

  • All Permea operations comply with German data protection and security laws (GDPR)

MUNICH, Germany, Jan. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Temedica GmbH, a leading digital health and data analytics company, today announces the launch of Permea. Permea is a single platform providing medically trusted analytics and actionable insights on a range of issues and challenges across the value chain in the healthcare market. By combining for the first time regulatory-grade patient-generated data with a variety of readily available scientific and commercial data sources, Permea provides new insights into therapies and their effects in real-world conditions.

Permea helps biopharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical companies, physicians, regulators, payers and patients make knowledge-based decisions to improve treatment options. The platform combines, structures, and analyzes data from multiple sources, including proprietary, patient-generated longitudinal data from digital health apps and wearables, scientific publications, and prescription data. Permea can discover the most effective therapy for a defined cohort, identify reasons for changing therapy, and improve current healthcare treatment with new insights. In addition, the platform expands the data provided by clinical trials and supports the planning of new studies. Permea enables more informed decisions for new research and development strategies, regulatory approvals, market launches and therapeutic commercialization. Patients benefit from new knowledge and information about the progression of their individual disease.

Dr. Benjamin Friedrich, Chief Medical Officer of Temedica, said:

“For the first time, data generated by millions of patients is intelligently combined with other medically relevant data and transformed into actionable knowledge. In this way, we integrate the personal experience of patients into analyzes of concrete evidence. This makes Permea an indispensable and pioneering technology to meet multiple challenges in the healthcare market. Permea reveals the real stories behind patient data and statistics and is therefore essential for the digital future of personalized medicine.”

Gloria Seibert, Founder and CEO of Temedica, added:

“The launch of Permea is a fundamental step in realizing Temedica’s vision for personalized medicine and unlocks a billion-dollar market opportunity in real-world evidence. Our technology platform, which leverages unique proprietary data and processes, allows us to form new alliances with healthcare companies and provides critical momentum to improve day-to-day care and support for patients around the world. Permea is already providing valuable information for informed decision-making in the development of therapies. The initial feedback received from customers and partners is very encouraging.

With Permea Insights and Permea monitor, Temedica currently offers its customers two distinct cooperation models:

Permea Insights answers specific questions and provides analysis in the form of customized reports. Permea Insights helps clients better understand patient needs and how therapies and patient behavior influence the entire patient journey. To do this, Permea uses technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. The underlying algorithms allow the integration of multiple data sources in real time. Clients receive customized analytics and reports to make knowledge-based decisions.

Permea monitor allows customers to independently perform analyzes with Permea datasets and combine them with their own knowledge and data pools. This is based on innovative methods of data science and artificial intelligence, integrated into an intuitive user interface. Each Permea monitor is configured to specific customer needs and provides the data and insights critical to their goals.

Permea can also optimize clinical trial planning by providing information on the potential treatment effect in defined patient cohorts and can be used to optimize study planning. The potential for developing and optimizing therapies can be uncovered by showing new correlations between therapy success, cohorts, and symptoms. Data analysis can reveal motivations for treatment changes and disease burden, making the platform essential for strategic planning and trial design.

Permea uses long-term historical data from millions of patients to identify patterns, correlations, anomalies and differences between patient populations in real-world conditions. Temedica also uses the information obtained through Permea for its digital health applications – the patient companions – thus offering patients personalized support with individual recommendations.

All international Permea offers comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In the generation and processing of data, Temedica meets all data protection and data security requirements and attaches great importance to transparency towards all stakeholders.

About Permea

Permea is a new offer from Temedica accessible to different players in the health sector. Permea combines multiple data sources, including longitudinal patient-generated data with high resolution related to time, geography and patient cohorts. Its customizable solutions provide insight into various issues and challenges across the healthcare value chain, including research and development, regulatory approvals, market launches, and therapy commercialization. The Permea Insights and Permea Monitor offerings provide in-depth insight into therapies and their effects in real-world conditions, enabling more informed decisions. Based on artificial intelligence and innovative algorithms, Permea provides answers to relevant industry questions. All Permea operations comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws on data protection and data security and meet high standards also internationally. For more information, please visit

About Temedica GmbH

Temedica is a Munich, Germany-based digital health company with a mission to put the patient at the center of healthcare. The company develops cutting-edge digital patient companions for complex chronic diseases. These apps provide patients with personalized advice and help them navigate healthcare systems based on their individual needs. Through direct, long-term interaction with patients, Temedica generates unique and previously unknown real-world evidence about disease progression and the individual effectiveness of therapies. Temedica has expertise in the personalized support of patients as well as in the compilation, structuring and analysis of the respective health data. Its Permea data analytics platform is designed to enable unique insights across the healthcare value chain and patient journey. Temedica is backed by a consortium of renowned investors with long experience in the biopharmaceutical industry, including the founding investors of BioNTech. Further information is available at

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