Giving Patients Control of Their Healthcare Data – Healthcare IT Today Podcast Episode 87


For the 87th episode of the Healthcare IT podcast, we talk about The Business of Give Patients Control of Their Health Data. It’s easy to say that patients should have access to their data. The ONC and other legislation have made it clear that patients have a right to their data. While that’s clear, giving patients control over their data is much more complex. For example, do patients want to control their data? In this episode, we dive into the realm of patient data, including the challenges faced and the business models we’ve heard about. Plus, we share some of the positives.

Here is an overview of the questions and topics discussed in this episode:

  • Why do patients need/want to access or control their health data?
  • What are the challenges facing businesses and organizations in this space?
  • Business models we’ve heard of?
  • Where are the bright spots? Who is making progress?

Now, without further ado, we’re excited to share with you the next episode of the Healthcare IT Today podcast.

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