ICARE and Global Health Metrics Pioneer Health Risk Assessment Tool for Addiction Awareness; Employers Reduce Insurance Costs With Employee Mental Wellness Check-Up


“My vision was to create an assessment to first improve self-awareness about personal substance use to cope with pressure and stress, and second, to promote thinking about personal resilience and mental well-being. necessary to take measures to change adaptation modes, ”explains ICARE. President Dr LaCour.

The International Center for Addiction and Recovery Education (ICARE) and Global Health Metrics LLC (GHM) announce the Healthy Self Checkup, a comprehensive addiction risk assessment tool to measure and improve employee mental health levels and reduce employer insurance costs. The request for assessment was triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent increase in substance abuse in the workplace, which costs the U.S. economy more than $ 740 billion annually.

The first of its kind, the Healthy Self Checkup allows employers to measure the level of risk posed by their employee base by revealing their propensity to engage in risky and potentially unhealthy alcohol and substance abuse behaviors. The data collected from employee responses, which is completely confidential, is used to create an overall snapshot of the overall risk level of the business. This measure helps determine the cost of benefits that the company will pay to insure its employees. The lower the risk, the lower the cost.

So far, clinical evaluations used in the field of drug addiction have measured the severity of a person’s substance abuse to determine the level of treatment needed such as drug rehab, medication assistance, hospital care or ambulatory.

“My vision was to create an assessment to first improve self-awareness about personal substance use to cope with pressure and stress, and second, to promote thinking about personal resilience and mental well-being. necessary to take measures to change modes of adaptation, ”notes ICARE. Founder and President, Dr Jean LaCour. “I gave up after several attempts to write my own review for our Certified Professional Recovery Coaches, Consultants and Human Resources professionals. Shortly after, ICARE Vice President and Executive Director Cheryl Brown Merriwether met GHM COO Greg Davis, who was intrigued by the idea of ​​adapting their proven risk assessment to health to create a professional addiction risk assessment with us.

“GHM is honored to work with ICARE to develop this innovative tool to combat drug addiction / addiction, one of the major health risks facing our society today,” said Davis.

The Healthy Self Checkup consists of 24 questions divided into six categories based on elements of well-being. The assessment reveals the employee’s willingness to change behavior. The self-administered online health check is offered each year during registration open to employees who can choose to take it multiple times throughout the year to support their own growth and resilience. It takes less than 15 minutes to complete. Assessment is encouraged by employers, but not required.

The results are calculated instantly and provided to the employee. Employers periodically receive anonymous aggregate data. Armed with this data, companies are able to offer personalized wellness programs to reduce unhealthy behaviors, improve well-being, and lower the cost of employee benefits. The interactive electronic assessment tool is a powerful way for employers to create a healthier, more productive workforce and save money on escalating insurance costs.

Request a demo of the Healthy Self Checkup here.

About Global Health Metrics LLC

Global Health Metrics LLC is a health data science company made up of a team of physicians, biostatisticians, and developers who have come together to create the most scientifically rigorous health risk assessment on the market. Continuing the work undertaken by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the 1970s and the Carter Center at Emory University in 1986, the company’s mission is to make available to patients, healthcare providers and organizations. health, state and local governments, service groups, business and industry the best in science and technology health risk assessments.

Global Health Metrics software introduces the concept of ‘age at risk’ and ‘target age’, giving patients a goal of what they can do to improve their health and how they can achieve it using statistics on mortality risks for people in their age group. with their health choices. For more information, contact [email protected]

About the International Center for Addiction and Recovery Education (ICARE)

The International Center for Addiction and Recovery Education (ICARE) is a center of excellence that brings together people and processes to overcome the unprecedented societal challenges of addiction. The culmination of more than 25 years of work in the field of recovery and addiction, ICARE is deeply rooted in the principles of resilience and emotional sobriety. ICARE is committed to raising awareness of drug addiction in our culture and helping individuals live their best lives, free from problematic behavior and past stigma.

ICARE was founded in 2020 during COVID 19 in response to the increase in substance abuse occurring during this devastating time in history. Created by Dr. Jean LaCour, ICARE is the parent organization of a trio of affiliated divisions including: NET Training Institute (NTI), International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches (IAPRC) and Strategic Sobriety Workforce Solutions. Together, these three entities deliver accredited training programs to address the growing global problem of drug addiction among individuals, families, communities and the workforce. For more information, visit http://www.ICARE-Aware.org.

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