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Is a health form necessary to visit Spain?

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, all Western countries in particular, and another world in general, have imposed some travel restrictions to them. Some had completely stopped accepting travelers from selected countries while others had made additional documents and actions mandatory before arrival. The Spanish government has also introduced the health check form amid the Corona pandemic. All visitors are required to complete the form within 48 hours of their scheduled arrival at any Spanish airport. In some countries, this form is commonly referred to as the Passenger Tracking Form.

Is the health form required at this time?

Yes, it is a document required to enter Spain at the moment. Visitors from EU countries are required to provide the EU digital COVID certificate upon entering Spain and members from third countries will be asked to produce the vaccination certificate or a negative COVID certificate approved by a recognized authority. Children under 12 are not required to present these certificates upon arrival, however, they must meet the remaining prerequisites.

Why is this form necessary?

COVID – 19 has become one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century. It has not only affected the world’s health systems, but has also had a negative impact on the global economy. Controlling the wide and uncontrolled spread of the pandemic was the main challenge for all countries in the same way. To ensure the health security of nations, travel restrictions and limitations have been imposed, including the requirement to have a Spain health control form while traveling to other countries and Spain as well. As Spain is one of the most attractive travel destinations during summers, the number of travelers is also huge. Every traveler himself remained a powerful threat for the introduction of a virus into the country, to control what harsh documentation had become A MUST for every visitor in order to ensure the health safety of its citizens. This document is a guarantee of control of the infectious disease (CORONA Virus), ensured by the declaration of each traveler in Spain.

Is it a permanent measure?

Until now, filling out the health control form before traveling to Spain is a permanent measure and applicable to all visitors. However, countries with a low spread of COVID-19 need little documentation compared to countries where the pandemic has spread widely. The year 2020 has seen stricter regulations for entry into Spain, but with the passage of time and the imposition of laws and regulations regarding the CORONA virus, the harsh measures are expected to gradually fade in the future, although no official statement has yet been released. made by the Spanish Ministry of Health.

How long does it take to complete the Spanish Health Check Form?

The Spanish Health Form is a simple and user-friendly form that you can complete online from your comfort zone using a mobile, tablet or PC. You will only take a few minutes to complete it and submit it for final approval as it only requires a few details. The most important thing to remember is that you must have your debit or credit card available for payment after filling out the form. There will be different options available depending on the urgency of the visitor, which needs to be taken into account.

What will happen if I don’t fill it out?

Regardless of your nationality, if you do not complete the health check form and plan to take off from your home country, you may not be allowed to travel or even board the plane. In any case, you must complete the form and obtain a QR code for your journey.

What information should be shared?

Visitors will be required to follow the details when filling out the health check form, with the assurance of the security of the information shared: –

  • Valid passport number and number / photo of your national identity card.
  • Travel locations and planned stay in Spain.
  • Arrival dates, flight details and seat numbers as well.
  • Valid email address to share necessary updates and QR Code of Health Control form upon approval.
  • COVID test certificates, vaccination certificates and negative COVID results from a recognized authority.
  • EU citizens will need to download an EU digital COVID certificate from the SpTH (Spain Travel Health) app which is available for free on Android and Apple Store.
  • If you do not have a digital COVID certificate (as an EU citizen), you can simply enter the details and supporting documents in section 4 of the health questionnaire.

Where to present the QR Code?

At Spanish airports, separate counters have been set up where you can present QR codes from your health check form for safe entry. You can have a printed paper or you can have the QR scanned directly from your electronic device. The Spanish health authorities reserve the right to perform tests on anyone arriving at the airport despite the QR code or other necessary documents.

Additional information on health check form and QR code

    • You can still retrieve the QR code even if it is lost by clicking the RECOVER QR CODE option on the form in the SpTH app or the homepage.
    • The QR code will automatically expire after 7 days of approval if not used.
  • Filling in the seat number is mandatory, so it is advisable to register in advance to ensure you complete the form.
  • You can still edit and modify the data provided in the form.
  • The group or a family member can fill in the data of all members and get separate QR codes for each.
  • In the health check form you can always fill in the data and details of minors and dependents by declaring yourself as guardian in the desired column.
  • The HCF / Health declaration should not be considered as a replacement for the visa.
  • You must complete the form even if you have to transit through one of the Spanish airports for your next destination.
  • The Spanish authorities can quarantine you at the airport if you wish.