Lecturer/Lecturer in Pharmaceutical/Health Data Science at KINGS COLLEGE LONDON


We are looking for a motivated Associate Professor / Lecturer to join our Center for Research in Pharmaceutical Medicine (CPPM) based in the Drug Development research group at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (IPS).


We encourage applicants who have a growing profile of insightful, curiosity-driven research that will enhance the world-class research portfolio of the School of Cancer and Pharmaceutical Sciences and King’s Health Partners Clinical University Group in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Applications are welcome from data scientists with expertise in extracting, analyzing and interpreting big data from a range of sources, using algorithmic tools, data mining, artificial intelligence, machine learning and statistics.

Researchers who use data science to contribute to drug lifecycle development, contribute to policy regarding real-world drug development, regulation, and use, and who have an interest in drug development and use patient-centered medicines are particularly desirable.

Applicants must be able to align with the research priorities of the Center for Research in Pharmaceutical Medicine which aim to improve clinical trials, expand access to medicines and increase patient engagement and/or with those from the broader Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences who have broad expertise in the areas of drug discovery, development and utilization.

They should also have a good knowledge of the drug development process and the pharmaceutical industry, with a desire to tackle current obstacles and unmet needs in drug development. Applicant must have a strong and fundable area of ​​research that aligns with the School of Cancer and Pharmaceutical Sciences and has clear potential for collaboration with researchers from the School, Faculty, King’s, King’s Teaching Hospitals Health Partners and internationally.

An inclusive workplace has a greater impact and we are looking for someone who will help evolve our welcoming, dynamic and inspiring environment. A key part of our philosophy is equality, with a vibrant and fulfilling culture for all and a focus on addressing the under-representation of women and ethnic minority researchers in science.

The role requires an educator qualified to teach undergraduate and postgraduate students in the field of pharmacy/pharmaceutical medicine and fit into the existing teaching structure covering pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacy and pharmacy practice at King’s College London.

This position will be offered on a permanent contract.

This is a full time position

Main responsibilities

  1. Delivering research excellence and high quality education, as a Principal Investigator, helping to shape the future of CPMR and IPS, and embedding a supportive collegial culture
  2. Define and lead data science research applied to drug development or a related discipline, securing funding to develop a highly respected international research program. This will include productive collaborative links in academia and/or industry and with colleagues at CPMR, IPS, across King’s, UK and internationally
  3. Take responsibility for developing the talent of students and research staff to ensure their effective career progression
  4. To improve the education and experiences of our undergraduate and postgraduate students, providing engaging and up-to-date teaching and contributing to the development of our curricula and our teaching and assessment methods
  5. Guided by the department’s safety committee and practices, be responsible for your health and safety and that of others
  6. Undertake a commensurate level of administration associated with research and teaching in higher education.

The above list of responsibilities may not be exhaustive and the post holder will be required to undertake the duties and responsibilities reasonably expected within the scope and classification of the post.

Skills, knowledge and experience

Essential criteria Lecturer

  1. First degree or master’s degree in a relevant field
  2. PhD level in big data, health analytics, data analytics, data science, pharmaceutical science or related field
  3. Ability to conduct high-quality research demonstrated, for example, by presentation of research at seminars or publication in scientific journals
  4. Knowledge of the drug development process demonstrated, for example, by formal training in drug development or interactions with the pharmaceutical industry
  5. Excellent oral and written communication skills, to convey conceptual and complex ideas and information, as well as good organizational and administrative skills

Additional essential criteria Lecturer

  1. A growing and externally recognized international reputation for research, evidenced, for example, by well-cited research papers and the award of peer-reviewed research grants
  2. Ability to teach subjects at undergraduate and postgraduate levels
  3. Ability to mentor students and research staff

*Please note that this is a PhD level position, however applicants who have submitted their thesis and are awaiting their PhD will be considered. In these circumstances, the appointment will be in 5th year, spine 30 with the title of research assistant. Upon confirmation of the PhD award, the job title will change to Research Associate and the salary will increase to Grade 6.

More information

Our staff and students come from all over the world and the Institute prides itself on its friendly and inclusive culture. Diversity is positively encouraged by a number of family-friendly policies, including the implementation of a core hours policy, the right to request flexible working and support for staff returning from periods of absence extended period, such as maternity leave.


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