Manatt State Cost Containment Update – February 2022: Health Data Corner | Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP


The Health Data Corner compiles the latest innovations in healthcare data capacity and policy developments, and showcases a selection of new data use cases emerging from states.

  • “How to get a health data infrastructure fit for this moment in Medicaid transformation», Health Affairs. January 18, 2022. Claudia Williams, CEO of Manifest MedEx, California’s leading health data network, and former White House senior health technology and innovation adviser, outlines three principles states can follow to make progress bold and actionable steps toward building smart data infrastructure to support Medicaid transformation.
  • “Improving Race and Ethnicity Data: A Roadmap for Measuring and Advancing Health Equity”, Healthy donors (GIH). December 2021. In a new report, GIH, in collaboration with the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), discusses the collection of race and ethnicity data in federally administered health programs and presents several recommendations to improve this data. These findings and recommendations build on a previous October 2021 report that examines barriers and opportunities to improve the completeness, accuracy, and usability of race and ethnicity data at state levels. and the federal government.
  • “The Colorado IT Roadmap for Healthcare”, Colorado Office of Electronic Health Innovation (OeHI), November 2021. Colorado has released a new report that outlines a series of recommendations to “harness and expand digital tools and services that support the health of all Coloradans.” The three main objectives of the roadmap are: to ensure that stakeholders share data and have equitable access to necessary health and social information; facilitate access to high-quality, in-person, virtual and remote health services; and improve health equity through inclusive and innovative use of digital health informatics and solutions.
  • “Report of the All Payers Database Advisory Committee and Recommendations under Section 735 of the Employees Retirement Income Security Act 1974», October 2021. Under Section 735 of ERISA, SAPCDAC was tasked with advising the Secretary of Labor regarding the standardized reporting format for voluntary reporting by group health plans to databases of all payors in the State. Data standardization recommendations from the SAPCDAC report include:
    • Use of the APCD Common Data Layout (APCD-CDL) as the standard reporting basis for data submission of self-funded schemes to APCDs;
    • Work with states to capture non-claims payments and other data needed to support cost and usage analyses;
    • Creation of a detailed data dictionary for the elements included in the APCD-CDL data layout

    The report also presents additional recommendations for data submission; confidentiality, security and dissemination of data; voluntary submission of data; and more.

  • “The History, Promise and Challenges of State All Payer Claims Databases,” Briefing Note for the State All Payer Claims Database Advisory Committee to the Department of Labor, RAND Healthcare. June 2, 2021. Using a literature review focused on the APCD, an environmental scan of the APCD websites, and several key informant interviews, RAND summarizes several key findings about the state of APCDs and the events that led to their development and use.

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