Neustar partners with BERA on brand health metrics


Neusta partners with BERA, providers of predictive marketing technologies that connect the drivers of brand value to business performance.

The partnership will enable companies and their agencies to integrate brand health metrics, such as brand familiarity, esteem, meaning and uniqueness, into marketing mix modeling and marketing solutions. Neustar’s multi-touch attribution so that they can measure the customer journey over time and adjust tactics to improve the short and long term drivers of customer acquisition and lifelong value building. branding and customer advocacy.

This solution is powered by Neustar Optimizer, the closed-loop consumer analytics and marketing optimization platform. By integrating with BERA, Neustar Optimizer now seamlessly links marketing investments with key brand health metrics to ensure customers can better assess the real impact of the brand and its long-term impact on the market. business.

“The integration of Neustar with BERA ensures that marketers can understand the impact of their marketing investments on their brand, and it dramatically advances the practice of brand advertising,” said Jim Stengel, CEO of The Stengel Company and member of the board of directors of BERA, in a statement. “The brand goal as a way of doing business is transformational, but requires reliable, consistent, real-time data to show this impact on bottom lines. “

“Through this partnership with Neustar, we can now help some of the world’s biggest brands fine-tune their marketing investments to get the best results for their business and ultimately create brands consumers love,” said Henry Tam Jr., senior vice president of global sales and partnerships at BERA, in a statement. “BERA has been proven to predict a brand’s financial performance. Combine that with Neustar’s industry-leading consumer identity measurement and marketing capabilities and you’ve got something special that creates a ton of value for them. brands and their agencies. “

“Understanding the impact of marketing on key brand metrics is essential for the brands we partner with,” Joe Koudsi, vice president of analytics products at Neustar, said in a statement. “The integration of comprehensive data, such as brand awareness and brand equity metrics, dramatically improves the quality of our recommendations and allows brands to have a complete picture of their marketing performance, including short and long term implications. long term of their spending. Partnering with BERA makes this information very accessible and allows us to include best-in-class data in our analytical suite. “

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