Omron’s health data arrives in the Doctor Anywhere telehealth app


Omron Healthcare, a manufacturer of health monitoring and therapy devices in Japan, has entered into a strategic partnership with Singapore-based telehealth startup Doctor Anywhere.


As part of this partnership, Omron will allow the sharing of health records monitored on its devices connected with the DA platform. Integration involves the following Omron health monitoring devices: OMRON Smart Elite HEM-7600T Blood Pressure Monitor, OMRON HEM-7361T Afib Blood Pressure Monitor, and OMRON HEM-6232T Wrist-Connected Blood Pressure Monitor.

This initiative is now available to DA users in Singapore and will come later to other users across South East Asia.


Omron and DA’s partnership aims to eliminate preventable heart attacks and strokes using remote and telehealth domains. Their collaboration will allow patients who use health monitoring devices to share health records, such as blood pressure and heart rate readings, with doctors via telehealth. Healthcare professionals will then have timely access to these health records in order to provide them with the right treatment options to manage their health concerns.

Hypertension as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease is a “significant burden” in Asia with poor awareness and undertreatment, according to Omron. Particularly in Southeast Asia, the disease causes an estimated 1.5 million deaths each year. Blood pressure measurement is essential given the asymptomatic nature of hypertension and the heavy burden of disease.


Omron and Kyoto University are conducting joint research to use AI and recorded home health data to predict early signs of heart disease. The study focuses on the development of a novel method of blood pressure management and AI-based blood pressure analysis for the early detection of cardiovascular events.

During this time, Doctor Anywhere recently acquired Doctor Raksa, Thailand’s largest telemedicine platform, bringing its user base in Southeast Asia to over two million. Previously, he had partnered with the conglomerate Equicom Group to launch a telemedicine platform in the Philippines.


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