RxBenefits and Tria Health Form Partnership for Proactive Diabetes Care


RxBenefits, a pharmaceutical benefits company, and Tria Health, a chronic disease and medication management company, have launched a new partnership to improve diabetes care and reduce disease-related healthcare costs through an approach proactive.

Through this partnership, the two companies created the Optimize MyCare diabetes support program, for which RxBenefits and Tria Health both review pharmacy claims to find members with diabetes, metabolic syndrome and comorbid conditions.

These members receive messages by mail, email, and phone to schedule a phone appointment with a Tria Health pharmacist to find out why members are not meeting their care goals. Then Tria, based in Overland Park, Kansas, works with members to create a personalized care plan for their health, which is shared with members’ physicians. The program offers two incentive options to encourage participation: a virtual $50 Tria gift card shared online or a co-pay purchase. Co-pay includes $0 off generics and $25 off brand name diabetes medications.

“Ultimately, with our shared values ​​and commitment to helping customers better manage high-cost conditions that drive up their plan costs, this partnership aims to further increase the health literacy and responsibility of members,” said Wendy Barnes, CEO of RxBenefits, which is based in Birmingham, Alabama.

Barnes said most digital diabetes management programs are more meter-based and responsive, while this approach is proactive by reaching out to members directly and connecting them with licensed pharmacists.

By focusing on medication management, health literacy, and lifestyles/behaviors that support good diabetes condition management, we go beyond what other diabetes programs on the market currently are. able to do,” Barnes said.

Another digital diabetes program is Omada Health. His program significantly reduced weight and hemoglobin A1c levels, according to data shared in 2020.

But Tria Health CEO Jessica Lea said partnering with RxBenefits will deliver results unmatched by competitors.

“We are excited to partner with RxBenefits given the company’s focus on delivering results-driven pharmaceutical solutions with a highly tactile service model, consistent with Tria Health’s approach. This partnership will further expand our reach in the mid-market employer segment. We believe the product we developed for RxBenefits will deliver results that other diabetes management programs on the market cannot match,” Lea said in a statement. Press release.

When asked how the two organizations would generate revenue through the partnership, Barnes declined to provide financial information.

Barnes was more open about the goals of the partnership.

Barnes said the goal of the partnership is to improve medication adherence, health literacy and reduce costs associated with mismanaged diabetes for self-funded employers. About one in three Americans develops diabetes during their lifetime, and 25% of US healthcare spending — or $327 billion a year — is related to diabetes care, Barnes said.

If the partnership is successful, it could be one of many efforts to bend that cost curve. So far, it looks like Tria’s approach has some advantages. In 2021, Tria Health customers saw an average A1C reduction of 1.3, a 48% reduction in the care gap for patients with diabetes, and an average savings of $2,255 per patient engaged , according to the company. website.

Our mission at RxBenefits is to improve the lives of patients and bend the healthcare cost curve, which is why this partnership is so exciting for us,” said Barnes. “By working together, we are better equipped to optimize member health and better manage the costs associated with poorly managed diabetes.

Photo: Azman Jaka, Getty Images


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