The Sensitive Health Data of 50 Million Americans Hacked or Hacked in the Last Year: Analysis


The health data of nearly 50 million Americans was breached last year, according to a Policy data analysis of the Department of Health and Social Services.

Healthcare organizations in every state except South Dakota reported data breaches in 2021. Half of the states, plus Washington, D.C., saw more than one in 10 residents consult his health information without permission, Politico found in its analysis of more than six years of data from the Department’s Civil Rights Office.

Reported violations are organized by type. Hacking is the most prevalent and was involved in 75% of breaches in 2021, a significant increase from 35% in 2016. Other breaches include instances of data theft, such as a stolen laptop, or access unauthorized, such as sending information to the wrong person. , Politico added.

Hospitals, insurers and health care systems covered by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act are required to report any breach of protected health information that affects 500 or more people. They must also notify the people who were affected by the breach.

Experts have claimed that the increase in hacking is due to the healthcare sector’s rapid shift to digital systems, including remote working, which forces more people to use personal devices to access private data.

Hacked data is often sold on the dark web or used fraudulently, making it a coveted and sometimes lucrative pool of information.

“Unfortunately, the industry is pretty easy to pick, and they get there because they get paid,” Mac McMillan, CEO of cybersecurity firm CynergisTek, told Politico.

“His [not] going to slow down until we get more serious about stopping it, or blocking it, or being more effective at it,” he added.


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