Track more health metrics for less with the Fitbit Sense Advanced smartwatch, plus more gadget deals


Whether you’re getting ready to kick off your New Years Resolutions or just upgrading an outdated fitness tracker you already use every day, the Fitbit Sense Advanced smartwatch is a powerful tool to help you better manage your health goals. So if you want to save money while having a premium product, you won’t want to miss the sale of this high-tech tool which usually costs $ 300, but you can mark it for 33-. percent less on Amazon now, which brings the total down to $ 200.

If that price alone isn’t enough to convince you that the Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch could be your everyday tech, the specs and features speak for themselves. With over 20,000 rave reviews (plus our endorsement as one of the best Apple Watch alternatives), Sense sets itself apart from its competition. The Fitbit Sense Advanced smartwatch tracks electrodermal activity and skin temperature to accurately capture your nighttime sleep, because we all know that rest is key to recovery and our overall health. You can also monitor your stress level and use the EDA Scan app to relax and regulate when needed. In addition to all the health monitoring features, the Fitbit Sense also offers standard smartwatch functionality, with the ability to store and play music, text, calls, receive notifications, and enjoy. the compatibility of the Alexa assistant.

Make sure you hit while this deal is hot and save $ 100 to get more measurements for less. Meaning makes a great holiday gift or of course you can keep it for yourself.

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