Truyo and Egnyte Launch COVID Health Data Collection and Privacy Solution


PHOENIX & MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –Truyo, the leader in the truly automated management of consent and data privacy rights, and egnyte, a leader in cloud content security and governance, today announced a new solution –– Management of health check-ups –– To enable businesses of all sizes to efficiently and securely collect and maintain COVID-related information from employees in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Temporary Emergency Standard and New Interim Final Rule from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS). .

Even with the ongoing debate over the OSHA standard, legal consultants see the need for sufficient preparation. “There is no doubt that at least some form of mandate will be enacted, whether at the state or federal level,” said Michael Hellbusch, partner at Rutan & Tucker, LLP. “As soon as the systems go from voluntary to mandatory, that means the mandatory use of some type of vaccine accreditation system will be required. Businesses will need to prepare now.

Health-Check Management partnerships are gearing up for impending tenures that will require coronavirus vaccinations or weekly worker testing for organizations with 100 or more employees. Likewise, CMS would impose vaccine requirements on facilities participating in Medicare and Medicaid programs. Health-Check Management, which is powered by Truyo’s privacy platform, in partnership with Egnyte, automates the collection of employee vaccination status and test results and keeps personal health information in the secure environment of ‘Egnyte to facilitate confidentiality.

“It is an incredibly complex time for employers who are now faced with the collection and storage of highly sensitive health information about their employees.” said Dan Clarke, President of Truyo. “The impending tenures worry a lot of employers about how to manage and protect this information, which they did not have to worry about before. It goes far beyond simply collecting vaccine statuses or test results. Employers will now have personal information related to the exemption that could allow an organizational user to make additional deductions about an employee’s health or religious status – and this worries many organizations as it increases exposure to risk of breach notification.

Health-Check Management, co-developed with Intel and powered by Truyo and Egnyte, enables organizations to:

  • Define access levels and restrict access to sensitive medical information

  • Manage the immediate risks associated with potential insider threats

  • Keep sensitive health information in a secure environment

  • Adapt to data retention policies, by mandate

  • Easily produce reports as needed

  • Immovably record data access

  • Mitigate the risk of confidentiality

“This is extremely sensitive information and storing it will become a major challenge for most companies, especially since most are not equipped to collect and store the data. said Jeff Sizemore, governance director at Egnyte. “Most have not had to deal with this type of medically sensitive information in the history of their operations. There is much more to consider beyond just collecting this information from a submission form or email.

The solution is available on a flexible monthly subscription starting at $ 250 / month for up to 500 employees. To learn more about the Truyo + Egnyte Health-Check Management solution, visit

Additionally, a webinar series on navigating the intricacies of OSHA and CMS mandates will begin Thursday, November 18 at 8:00 a.m. PST. For more details, visit

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