Wellcome Mental Health Data Prize 2022 – Call for Applications


Wellcome Mental Health Data Prize 2022. Apply below!

When is the application deadline:

June 5, 2022

Tell me about the Wellcome Mental Health Data Prize 2022:

The Wellcome Data Prize in Mental Health will support collaborative approaches to research on anxiety and depression in young people. Teams in the UK and South Africa will explore existing data to find new insights and create digital tools that will enable future research.

What type of scholarship is this?


How are the candidates for the Wellcome Mental Health Data Prize?

  • Applications that meet the feasibility criteria will receive a score between 1 and 5 for impact and innovation for each of the three criteria:
  • Research question
  • Approach to tool development
  • Participation

Each of these criteria will have the same weighting. More details in the ‘Documents and useful links’ section. Top rated teams will be invited to pitch.

  • The presentations will give applicants the opportunity to elaborate on their proposal and the evaluation committee to ask questions.
  • After the pitch, the 10 winning teams will be selected.

Which countries are eligible?

South Africa, United Kingdom

How many rewards will be awarded?


What is the Wellcome Prize for Mental Health Data?

The award takes place in three phases, each lasting six months and with different levels of funding and support on offer:

  • Discovery phase: Top 10 teams will be selected to receive £40,000 funding.
  • Prototyping phase: Five Discovery Stage teams will receive £100,000.
  • Durability phase: three winning teams will receive £500,000.

Throughout the award, teams will receive support with data access, analysis, and use case development, as well as support with planning engagement approaches. lived experience.

There will also be regular group activities such as problem-solving sessions and Theory of Change workshops.

How long will the program last?

6-18 months

How to apply for the Wellcome Mental Health Data Award:

Application steps

Teams will apply with a written proposal and shortlisted teams will be invited to present their proposals to a panel.

1. Before applying

Be sure to read everything on this page.

2. Submit your application

3. Evaluation

Applications will be reviewed for feasibility, impact and innovation. For more details, please see the evaluation criteria.

4. Selection process

Initial review of application

Social Finance will review requests for eligibility and appropriate data access for teams wishing to use their own datasets.

It is important to review all application requirements before applying.

Good luck!

Visit the award webpage for more details


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